Payment Plans

At Encinitas Bail Bonds San Diego, we understand that being arrested can be an unexpected setback in your life and financially draining. That’s why we, as expert bail bondsman, are here to work with you on a payment plan to pay off your bail bond.

Contact us today to learn more about our payment plan options for large bail bonds & small bonds.

payment plans - Encinitas Bail Bonds
Warrant Services - Encinitas Bail
Warrant Services - Encinitas Bail

Warrant Services

When you find out that the police have issued a warrant for your arrest, do not panic. First, you should know that you should not try and run from the police. They will find you and your consequences will just be worse. What you should do is prepare yourself mentally, and contact some loved ones who you know can help you out. This includes people who can help pay for your bail and would be willing to support you in every step of this coming legal process you are facing.

You should also contact a San Diego bail bond company like Encinitas Bail Bonds. Even though bail bonds are posted after you are arrested, we can get right to work before the police arrive for you or before you turn yourself in. Take a few minutes to talk with an Encinitas Bail Bonds agent about the situation – why you are being arrested, who would be co-signing your bail bond, etc. This information can help jump-start the paperwork later on so that you are bailed out as quickly as possible.

Inmate Search Services

Do you need to quickly find out what jail a loved one is being held in? At Encinitas Bail Bonds, we can locate your loved one in minutes and soon get you in contact with them. 

Call us today (760) 944-6900 and we will be happy to assist you. Our bail bondsman can provide free bail price quotes, payment options, bail amounts, charges, and court information for most inmates in California.

Inmate Search Services - Encinitas Bail Bonds

Types of Bail Bonds

Types of Bail Bonds - Encinitas Bail Bonds

Surety Bond

Type of bond that pertains to a third-party paying for bail after the defendant’s failure to appear in court. These bonds are common today.

Federal Bond

The primary difference between this sort of bond and a surety bond is that this type of bond refers to persons who have been detained for immigration reasons. Because it’s a federal offense, bail is typically set a little higher.

Citation Bond

Citation bonds are enforced when the officer making the arrest doesn’t take the defendant to court. These will be set for a date to appear in court, which are for far more minor violations related to traffic stops, misdemeanors, and more.